The 4R’s to Achieving Happiness & Self-Love Course

This course will help guide you through a powerful journey of rediscovery of self and self-love. You will be provided with the tools needed to empower you to transform your life, overcome hurdles that hold you back, develop healthy self-care, and live the life you love!
Access to our private “Sisters’ Safe Space” Facebook Group

NEW! E-Coaching

There are women who want coaching sessions but aren’t able to move forward because it can be costly and there can be conflicting schedules. I am here to tell you that there IS a way! E-Coaching is strictly done through e-mail, offers more flexibility, is budget friendly, AND, you can enjoy communication frequently throughout the week! My e-coaching packages will allow you to get all of the same benefits as face-to- face coaching and virtual coaching.

Month to month Email Coaching Package

$97/Month You can send one e-mail per day for 30 days with a 24-hour response time (excluding Saturday’s & Sunday’s).

12 Month Prepaid email coaching

You can send one e-mail per day for 12 months with a 24- hour response time ( excluding Saturday’s & Sunday’s), Access to our “Sisters’ Safe Space” Facebook Group, PLUS The 4 R’s to Achieving Happiness & Self-Love Course
*Quarterly payment plan available for purchase of package two.

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