Hi, I’m Stephanie McDaniel

“My name is Stephanie McDaniel, and I’m an empowerment and transformational life coach for women who struggle with low self-confidence, negative body issues, and have gone through bad relationships; passionate about helping my students find happiness and love again. I’m here to help you turn your heartbreak into a journey of healing and hope!”

By day, I’m a case manager for an outpatient mental health facility, where many female clients struggle and suffer from depression, low self-esteem, and negative body issues. In my 5+ years of professional practice and personal experience, I’ve helped numerous women achieve better self-confidence and resilience through mindset coaching and support, and my goal is to do that for you through my online course!

I coach women like you how to:
Find healthy coping strategies for stress/anger/sadness/grief
Gain self-confidence and self-compassion for yourself
How to find closure and peace after a loss
How to love yourself and be open to love
Recover from relational scars
Forgive yourself and others

If this sounds like just what you need, I hope you’ll join me in my online course!

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