The Affinity Coach

Do you feel downcast and dejected in your life post-breakup?

Is it hard to love yourself, and your body?

Does it feel hard to keep going every day?

Friend, you are not alone.

Imagine this…

Waking up, happy and excited to face the day
Loving yourself and the body that you’re in
Feeling self-compassionate and kind to yourself
Walking with a pep in your step once again
Being ready and open to love again

Sounds good but too good to be true? Friend, it is possible.
I know how hard it is to be in your shoes. I have had failed relationships, I felt I wasn’t pretty enough, I’ve suffered some losses and have battled with severe depression, but there are rainbows after the rain. My own life today is testimony to that — I’m content with all I have, and I’m confident that I’m right where I need to be in life, with or without a partner.


I’m Stephanie

…and I’m an empowerment and transformational life coach for women who struggle with low self-confidence, negative body issues, and have gone through bad relationships; passionate about helping my students find happiness and love again. I’m here to help you turn your heartbreak into a journey of healing and hope!”

What I Do


This is a great way for us to connect if you are on a budget but are interested in coaching at a more affordable price, need flexibility, enjoy communication frequently out of the week or you articulate better by writing versus verbally.


Gain access to our trainings, “Sisters’ Safe Space” Facebook Group, Worksheets, Personal Support & Coaching Sessions with Stephanie McDaniel


“Stephanie has been my coach and mentor for a few months now. She has encouraged me when I felt inadequate. She listens thoroughly and never judges. She is very genuine and honest. Her guidance and wisdom has changed my perspective on life. Stephanie is truly wonderful.”

Halimah B

Stephanie helped me with my self-image and self-talk. She provided me with ways to not only overcome my negative thoughts about my body, but also supplied me with day to day strategies to use when my negative thoughts would creep up on me. She was extremely supportive and available when I needed her while she was my life coach. Her positive vibe during our coaching sessions was sincere and empathic. She really took the time to understand what I was struggling with and used her skills to help me not only shift my way of thinking, but also to figure out how I get to be and what I get to do to reach my goals to healing my self-image inside and out. I would definitely recommend her to anyone who struggling with self-confidence, negative self-talk, and/or a negative body image.

Krystal T

Ready to turn your heartbreak into happiness?

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